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“Knowing and Living Your Purpose:

A Practical Guide to Being the ‘Real’ You Everyday”


Remember times when you had Ahah experiences and discovered new insights and perspectives? LeRoy Malouf and others use the methods described in this book to make on-going dramatic and positive difference in their own lives and those of others. The Energetic Well Being ProcessTM isn’t magic, but it’s definitely magical! These processes make such experiences normal and frequent instead of occasional and seemingly random.

You will learn methods for: Shifting away from struggling with symptoms such as pain, dis-ease, aging, and self- negation. Living in an increasingly positive state of improvement and regeneration. Expanding capabilities and possibilities. Loving and accepting yourself. Remembering and living in your natural state of love, joy, productivity, prosperity, and harmony. Getting stronger and more fit in all ways. Unfolding your truth and wellness. Discovering the joyful treasure that is you. These proven methods help you make quantum improvements in your life!

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The Energetic Well Being ProcessTM enables clients to live in a continuous state of transformation, rejuvenation, and regeneration.

  • Experiencing changes at warp speed.
  • Being and staying true to self – Remembering who we really are – I AM
  • Renewing, rebirthing, and growing anew.
  • Living in a natural state of wellness, vitality, energy, peace, calm, clarity, love, joy, satisfaction, productivity, and kindness.
  • Loving, forgiving and accepting self and others.
  • Getting stronger and more fit in all ways with each passing year.
  • Dealing well with internal energies as well as with energies coming from outside.
  • Optimizing physical presence in this life/dimension.
  • Enabling every cell in the body to know that its natural state is STRENGTH vs weakness.
  • Living well and dying well.

 The Energetic Well Being ProcessTM empowers clients to:

  • Focus on removing what causes symptoms, not to alleviate, suppress, or “learn to live with” them.
  • Create strong internal support for your desired state of being – what you want in your life – with full confidence and self-reliance.
  • Live in joy and peace and without drama, reaction and upset: stop reacting to issues and events in your life.

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This video describes the Energetic Well BeingTM Home Study, but has video footage from live workshops.


Energetic Well Being ProcessTM is based on wellness and oneness with the earth, the universe, and the self. When we completely  love and accept our total self, our light and dark, yin and yang, male and female, then we are BEING who we really are. We are in peace, harmony, and joy. We lift our arms in happiness, thankfulness and light.



We help clients to experience very positive effects in a short period of time. We find that anything and everything that is bothering us can be shifted to a positive desired state. The two modalities used are:

  • Energetic Well Being ProcessTM
  • Positive Power of Being NeutralTM


  • Work with individual clients to eliminate their symptoms (in person or by phone.)
  • Work with couples to enhance their relationship.

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Clients learn to use the EWB Process for themselves and others. The workshops are designed and presented in ways to support life-transforming experiences! When clients apply what they learn, profound, lasting, and energized states of being emerge – physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. The workshops are:

  • The Positive Power Of Being NeutralTM
  • Energetic Well Being ProcessTM– Essentials, Advanced, and Advanced Practitioner Workshops

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If you are new to energy work, the best way to understand it is by seeing it and experiencing it first-hand. Attending a free demo provides a format where you are given an opportunity to volunteer to have LeRoy work on a particular symptom you are experiencing. The energetic clearing process is demonstrated. During the demos LeRoy:

  • Gives brief background on himself and the Energetic Well Being ProcessTM
  • Demonstrates relieving pain and symptoms with people who volunteer to work with him
  • Answers questions
  • Brief overview of products

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We offer products that have a very positive impact in helping clients shift and maintain health, wellness and vitality. The Products are: Touchstone Essentials™: Products made from whole food ingredients, natural enzymes, and minerals  that support the body’s ability to fight aging and disease.   Touchstone Essentials products help fight aging, improve joint and heart health, boost immune systems, provide energy, and help detox the body.  Products are designed to work together or individually. 

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